19 maja 2013


Tłumaczenie najnowszych tweetów Gackto z 19 maja, w tłumaczeniu chateaugackt. Chateaugackt pisze o sobie: "My Japanese is not perfect, so if you notice any mistakes in my translations, or have suggestions on how to better word my translations, please don't hesitate to let me know!", tak więc w tłumaczeniu tym mogą być pewne błędy lub przeinaczenia, tak czy inaczej tłumaczenie to pozwala dowiedzieć się, o czym GACKT rozmawiał na twitterze z fanami lepiej, niż gdybyśmy korzystali z internetowego translatora. Pozwalam sobie przekopiować tłumaczenie, ponieważ tłumaczka pisze: "Feel free to use my translations for whatever you like, but please credit this blog!".

Morning~. Wait, no… good evening? It’s been awhile.Right now, I’m filming the music video for my new song. It looks like I’ll be up all night again today. Since it’s been so long, I guess I can try to reply to everyone’s tweets. Also, thank all of you for the support and concerns. It really hurts my heart that such outlandish articles can change and manipulate my DEARS.
USER: Please come back to Twitter o(^o^)o
GACKT: Everything got turned all upside down… sowwy
USER: Gakucchi, what are you wearing?
GACKT: I’m naked! I’m in the studio naked… Uh, I was wearing a fundoshi*
USER: Gackt’s here!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
GACKT: Yep, it’s GACKT the sadist. Flassssssssshhhhhhhhh!!!!!
USER: You won’t be on in awhile, huh? It’s lonely
GACKT: That’s why I came back! Usually when I don’t want to be on Twitter, I make myself get online. I like replying to everyone though.
USER: I’m excited for your new song!!!!
GACKT: This song will turn you on. It’s godly. get ready for it. **
USER: GACKT!! Please motivate me m(_ _)m
GACKT: Hey, hey, do I look like some guy that just hands out motivational crap? Take a look at me!! I’ve been called a brute, I’ve been accused of rape, but even so, I’m still looking forward. Have we given up yet??? Put kiai into yourself and start running at full speed!!!! You fucker!!!!!
USER: It’s been awhile since you were last on Twitter! While you’ve been on tour a lot of things have come up, but I’m going to be at the Fukuoka show! I’m looking forward to seeing the beautiful Sir GACKT!!!
GACKT: It’s coming up soon, so wait like a good girl. I’m going to give you the best performance. Since it’s been five years since my last solo tour, I’m going to give it my all.
USER: [some tweet in chinese?]
GACKT: I know everyone don’t believe such a fucking lie. Don’t worry babe. I’m ok, I’m bringing charges against them this time. Hahaha
USER: Thank you, GACKT, I read your LINE. I had to cry. I was really upset. Today is the Oomiya show, right? I’ve got to babysit tonight, but I’m gonna support you. Please do your best. Even with all this, you will always, always be my favorite, and I’ll support you (〃’▽’〃)
GACKT: Is that so? I definitely felt your feelings during the show. Thank you. I don’t think my physical health is going to recover after this tour… The heat still hasn’t subsided. Well, things happen. “You gotta smile at times like this.” I’ll do my best.
USER: I read your LINE! I had to laugh, lol. Gossip magazines write some crazy stuff.
GACKT: Right now that publication is losing its credibility. You can’t it when your sales are falling, but this has no morals. I don’t think that you should ever write or publish such extreme articles because at some point in time they’ll have no future. That publication is pathetic, and it went way too far.
USER: I’m a high school student now!
GACKT: Enjoy your high school experience and give it your all. do it with all your might. If you have any regrets, you won’t get that time back. Try to achieve your dreams. Got it? Brothers and sisters!!!
USER: Are you abstaining from alcohol??
GACKT: Alcohol, meat, fish, carbs—I’m abstaining from it all. Except for water. I was pretty strict before this live. Since I lost nine kilos, I don’t have fat anymore and it kinda sucks. Ahahahaha.
USER: Lately I can’t smile and I’m really irritated with myself. What should I do?
GACKT: Come to one of my shows. Come and forget all of those sentiments. To get rid of that emptiness, shout as loud as you can and you’ll start to feel refreshed. Don’t mull over little things. Stuff like that. So you’re not at home feeling sorry for yourself, come to a live and let loose. You’ll feel better.
USER: Hey, Gakucchi, Takumicchi’s dance moves were super funny. Ahahhahahahaha~~ paparappa paparappa~~ kyahaaaa~~♪♪♪
GACKT: Wasn’t TAKUMI funny in that video? Actually, I was really tired out and TAKUMI started doing that and I laughed so hard. There’s a lot going on lately. Thanks, TAKUMI.
USER: What’s the best way to become a witch? Please tell me (´・ω・ `)
GACKT: I have no idea. Ask Sally-chan’s father.
USER: Hey there! My TL is like a waterfall now!
GACKT: Well, that’s so people can see this stuff. When you’re feeling down or meditating, stand under a waterfall. My dancers always get trashed though. Ahahaha.
USER: [Petition] Let GACKT be a guest on FNS
GACKT: You guys are doing that? Thanks. I’m okay, though! I don’t care about TV sponsors. It’s not the TV stations that are at fault. It’s annoying, but if I feel like it, I’ll go on TV.
USER: How’s the magnum???
GACKT: What a dumb question!!! Don’t ask dumb questions!!! ‘Course it is!!! My heart, my body, and everything below the waist are always up and moving forward at full speed!!!
USER: Do you know who pilots Zaku?
GACKT: Sorry, I’m too old. I forgot.
USER: RT @SUGIZOofficial: Saw GACKT at Oomiya. My sworn friend is doing solo shows for the first time in awhile, and he’s always improving his shows with overwhelming quality. As expected from him! SGZ 
GACKT: Thanks Sgizo, When we met after the show, He said ” G, We everyone knows ur fine!!” TXS!
Gah, this thing froze.I’m getting too many tweets… And things were going so well, too… come on, come on, come oooooooon~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!
USER: What’s the first thing you feel when you lose weight?
GACKT: Usually it feels like I’ve had three shots of speed. It’s not a big deal though…
USER: Are you sick of girls now?
GACKT: No? Men have been steadily going bad in this world, so there’s a lot of unsavory women out there. If there are more good men, there will be more good women. It’s just that. But as a whole, it’s not that big a deal. If I was hurt by everything bad that happened, I wouldn’t be GACKT, would I?
USER: I don’t know if you’ll get this message, but I’m really excited for your live in Sapporo! Please do your best without overdoing it. But I don’t need to tell you that, huh (・・;)
GACKT: It’s coming up soon, so sit tight. I’ll move you with the best performance I can muster. So wait like the good child you are!!! I’m looking forward to Sapporo.
USER: Have you gone drinking with Kirishou?
GACKT: If I got a phone call saying “Come with me, you fuck!!!” I’d be like okay, why not. But he usually calls me for other crap!!!
It’s already the next day. I should go soon.
USER: RT Cool! BIMA Satria Garuda Bandai Soft Vinyl Figure Black Limited Edition
GACKT: Reino, Is this da 1st hero in I-nesia u said, right? It looks so cool. when u start it, I’ll appear on da TV 2. If u want me.
USER: You’re huge after all!
GACKT: No I’m not. Since I have you guys, I can’t be defeated. I can’t go without expressing my gratitude. Thank you, always. I really will accept all of your love and courage. When I fall, you guys are there. Thank you!!!!
Okay, it’s already the next day. I’ve been flamed recently, but these things can’t be helped. This is something that I have to put up with as an adult. Just don’t forget. “I will always be me, and I will never make it so you’re ashamed to call yourself my fan.” That’s it. Alright, sweet dreams. Even in times like this, don’t forget to smile. Adios!!!
* traditional japanese underwear
** here, he writes the word kamikyoku as 紙曲. the kanji 紙 (kami) means “paper,” and the pronunciation is the same as 神, which means “god” or “divine.” i don’t know if this is intentional or a typo, but i’m going to bet it’s a typo

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