26 maja 2013

Nico Nico, buromaga 27, 26.05.2013

Nowy wpis Gackto w serwisie Nico Nico - 27. wydanie buromagi: ★ブロマガ 第27【GACKTの中ダシ・生放送新聞】5/24号★. Oryginalny wpis z 26 maja znajduje się TUTAJ.

A tu tłumaczenie wpisu przez chateaugackt:

NICO BLOG - MAY 26, 2013

I’m here.
I’m on a train.
A bullet train.
(The bullet train is surprisingly narrow… it could use more space.)
Where am I going?
I’m headed back to Tokyo from Hiroshima.
Yeah, I’m touring tight now.
It’s already been over two weeks since it started.
How’s my body?
I’m worn out. Ahahahaha.
(Rehearsal. There isn’t enough time!)
Oh well. It can’t be helped.
It is a tour after all.
When I get to touring, I think it puts me at ease.
I thought about sleeping for a bit while I’m on the go,
but since I haven’t really written a blog magazine,
I figured I’d do it on the train.
(The conductor was late. Looks fun…)
While doing the utmost quality in Tokyo, Gunma, Saitama, Hyogo, Hiroshima, and Okayama one by one,
I’ve gone around the country in order to deliver deep emotion.
When we had a day off, we rehearsed
the setlist for WILD at a venue, and it went well.
(When we were travelling we rehearsed at an on-site studio.)
Honestly, with these two setlists,
there’s still more and more work to be done.
Ah, well.
That’s what I told myself.
This schedule is so hectic…
(Ahahahaha, I look exhaustedddd.)
“You gotta do it.”
How many times have I muttered these words up until now, I wonder…
I bet I’ve been saying these things since way back when.
As such, I’m still here.
“There isn’t anything you can’t do.”
I tell myself these things,
but it’s kind of challenging.
Life is a revolving lantern.
I wonder where my final destination will be…
I’m just incoherently babbling today.
I’m sooooo tired.
I’m still in the middle of this journey.

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